The Most Unique Platform For Distressed Inventory

We are powering an innovative and powerful White-Label solution for airlines that converts empty seats into money-making mystery flights.

Mockup of the Sponteous platform

Fill Your Empty Seats With Spontaneous Travelers

With the Sponteous platform, your customers can travel at a discounted rate while you maximize your fleet and your profits. The catch? The final destination is only revealed once the payment is completed. Thus, you get a new revenue stream from flexible customers without any cannibalization of your current sales.

Step 1

Choose your airport of departure

Pick the airport you want to fly from and the platform will instantly show you all the possible trips.
Three airports
Hand selecting destinations

Step 2

Shortlist your favorite destinations

From a list of discounted destinations, shortlist your favorite ones. If you wish to select fewer destinations than the minimum required, there is a small extra fee.

Step 3

Customize your trip

Add luggage and other ancillary products.

Computer showing luggages
Hand writing on the billing page

Step 4

Enter your billing information

The billed amount corresponds to the price of the final destination, which will be chosen by the platform from your shortlist.

Step 5

Your destinations is revealed!

Your tickets will instantly be sent by email.

Red Backpack and the Eiffel tower
Mockup of an iPad Pro with the confirmation page

Packed With Tons Of Ancillary Revenue Possibilities

In addition to generating revenue with your existing products (luggage, priority boarding, etc.), you can generate more ancillary revenues by for example, charging an extra fee if the number of selected destinations is less than the required minimum. You can also charge a fee to re-roll the dice after the reveal in order to try to change the final destination. With our malleable and innovative platform, the possibilities are limitless.

More Profits, Fewer Empty Seats!


Get customers you would’t have had otherwise

Get incremental revenues that go to the bottom line by creating new demand and by starting to monetize on flyers who are flexible and looking for bargains


No cannibalization

Keep selling high-margin tickets to your usual customers and start to monetize on flexible travelers who are looking for discounts by only using your distressed inventory


Profit-enhancing sales

Multiple tickets per transaction (as leisure travelers travel in groups) and sell only round-trips

Get an edge on the competition

Our unique platform and our innovative gamified purchase experience will bring the attention to your brand


Adaptable to your business logic

This platform is highly versatile and powered by algorithms to make sure the destinations and the quantity are optimally allocated

A Fully Customizable White-Label Solution

The Sponteous platform is built for every device and our team will adapt the platform to fit your branding and ensure a seemless experience. The integration process is fast and suits every type of airline. You make sales while we continuously innovate to maintain the best possible opaque platform that converts.

Fully Responsive
Customer Care
Insights and Analytics
Suits Your Style
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